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When school is not going well, parents look to academic tutoring and homework help as a solution.  Often just tutoring doesn’t work to solve the problem.  At Keeping Pace Learning Center, we do MORE than tutor.  We help children and adults SOLVE their learning challenges.


Keeping Pace Learning Center

The Neurodevelopmental Approach to Solving Learning Problems


“Our goal is to help struggling students of all ages become competent, independent learners.”


Core Learning Skills
When a child is struggling in school, there is a reason - and a solution!
Learning is a complex process.  Good grades and enjoyable learning require a strong, well integrated and readily available learning system.  If any part of the system is weak, or skills are missing, school work becomes difficult, frustrating, and tiring.
Keeping Pace Learning Center takes a different approach to learning problems than traditional tutoring or other school-based interventions.  Keeping Pacing Learning Center looks at the big picture to determine WHY there is a problem - and then we fix it.
Our assessment process evaluates the whole student - not just the holes that are apparent because of grades or behavior.  We then design an individualized program based on developmental research to improve weak or missing skills.  The result is easier, more efficient learning.
Parents say that after Keeping Pace Learning Center training there are fewer homework battles, school is more enjoyable, and report cards are something to look forward to!

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